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Recycle Week is in full swing and we wanted to get involved. We set some fabulous thrifty bloggers an up-cycling challenge with some pre-loved pieces found in-store. Be sure to follow the blog and our Instagram this week so see what they created!

rebecca.jpgHi I’m Becky! Otherwise known as @theniftythrifter_ on Instagram. It’s Recycle Week all this week. I thought it would be the perfect time to show you a glimpse into how I up-cycle my clothes and why I love doing it!

Up-cycling clothes is something I have been doing for years but only recently have uncovered a new-found joy and enthusiasm for it. I love being able to find something in my wardrobe I haven’t worn or seen in a while and give it new life. Whether it’s mix-and-matching buttons or simply sewing up a hole in a pair of old jeans, I love the satisfaction of knowing I’ve been able to up-cycle something so it is unique to me and no one will be wearing the same.

It’s important to remember that clothes should not be disposable. We should love and care for them, but most importantly, learn to fix and alter things ourselves rather than simply throw items away.


I’ve been absolutely loving the current trend of styling cycling shorts with blazers and instead of buying new I found some black Barnardo’s leggings that had a teeny hole in them. I thought this was the perfect chance to put them to good use and make them into shorts!

To do this I cut the leggings to the correct length that I wanted and made a couple of stitches in the sides to create a hem so that it wouldn’t curl up too much at the bottom. I sewed the hole closed with black thread and bobs-your-uncle! The leggings are now cycling shorts and I am reppin’ the trend whilst also caring about the environment.

The second thing I have from Barnardo’s is this black top. I already had a black crop-top that my friend had given me, so I wanted to make this one more suitable for going out. To do this, I sewed some sequins on the front of the top using sequins that had dropped off an old skirt I have that I’d kept in a little pot for a rainy day. The process of sewing on the sequins was SO easy and did not take long.

Rebecca 8

After around half an hour of sewing the sequins along the edge of the top I thought it looked gorgeous! To know I did it myself and used old sequins that may have never been used, made it all the more pleasing.

I am so happy with my new up-cycled bits. I now have a whole new outfit that was fashioned and up-cycled from pre-loved pieced and I feel great!

I hope this post will inspire more people to whip out their sewing kits and get creative. You don’t have to be an expert sewer to be able to revamp your old clothes – all you really need is a needle and thread and off you go. It’s time to put the love back into our old clothes whilst also buying pre-loved from shops such as Barnardo’s and learning to customise items to fit our own style. It makes shopping all the more creative – and ultimately – all the more exciting!

Good luck and happy up-cycling!

Feeling inspired? Why not take on your own upcycling challenge? Be sure to share your creations with us, we would love to see.

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