You don’t have to break the bank to look cool!

What’s up! I’m Chloë aka over on Instagram and you guessed it, I’m kinda into my fashion!

Chloe 1I would definitely say that I express myself through clothing. I like to stand out from the crowd and be a little different. In fact, I feel most confident when wearing questionable items. Who wants to look the same as everyone else anyways?!

Hunting through charity shops is my favourite thing. The buzz I get from finding hidden gems is unreal. Charity shops are definitely my happy place! I like to experiment with trends and my style changes a lot. Everything that I pick up is an absolute bargain and when I’m done with the items I donate them back to let someone else enjoy them. It makes me feel good that my fashion addiction is helping local charities.

Chloe 3

I’m inspired by fellow thrifters, I feel like we just get it- yano? Shopping pre-loved totally encourages people to show off their uniqueness. I think once you start doing things to impress yourself and not others, it’s a real game changer!

Chloe 4

This fully thrifted outfit made me feel amazing. I got the bag and the trousers from my local Barnardo’s all in one shopping trip. You don’t have to break the bank to look cool!

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