5 Aspects of Your Life That Can Be More Sustainable


There are plenty of things that people own and use nowadays to help live waste-free lifestyles, be it metal straws or eco-friendly toothpaste. And while these products certainly help, there’s a lot more that can be done to really make a positive impact on the earth. Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything radical right away. For starters, you can do with changing some of your daily habits first.

Blue and Green Tomorrow reports that much of the world’s carbon footprints come from everyday activities such as driving cars, incorrect disposal of trash, and overusing home electricity. Individually, they don’t seem like much, but such efforts—when multiplied by the thousands—can definitely make an impact.

That being said, here are five aspects of your life that can be made more sustainable.

Shop brick-and-mortar

Millions of people shop online every day. Fashion United finds that Brits are even some of the biggest spenders of online shopping to date. However, between the number of plastics used to wrap the items to the amount of carbon emitted by shipping vans, online shopping has become a significant hurdle to global sustainability. As much as possible, shop at your local stores. That way, you’ll be able to boost your local economy too. Don’t forget to skip the plastic bag and bring your own reusable tote.

Cook with local ingredients

It takes huge amounts of energy to deliver ingredients from far away countries. Do you, the planet, and the local economy a favour by buying homegrown ingredients instead. Plus, since they came from the local farms, the travel time between the shipment and the selling isn’t as long. You can be sure that these ingredients are fresh (or fresher than internationally-grown produce anyway) once they reach the market.

Promote all-natural beauty

For those who love to use their beauty products every day, all-natural beauty is the solution to make you feel incredible while minimising carbon footprint at the same time. Sheena Dizon of Pretty Me explains that all-natural or green beauty means that your products are sourced from natural components—basically, nature derivatives in their purest forms. Chemicals are rarely used to make them, so they’re immediately more environment-friendly. Their natural components also make them more potent and gentler on the skin. To check if the products that you’re buying are truly all-natural, health writer Ellen Burney suggests looking for certifications from regulatory organisations such as COSMOS and the British Soil Association Certification.

Buy pre-loved clothing

There’s a huge amount of water, chemicals, and synthetic materials that go into the production of new clothes. So if you have the option, buy pre-owned apparel. In fact, one of our guest bloggers on The-Thrift remarks how thrift buying makes it easier to “leave your comfort zone”, so they’re an exciting venture for those who feel like trying out new styles too. Otherwise, there are plenty of online stores that sell pre-owned clothes such as Oxfam Online and Depop in case you’re looking for specific pieces.

Take public transportation

Transport is quickly becoming the UK’s number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, according to an article on The Independent. Incidentally, the main sources listed were petrol and diesel cars—causes that can easily be avoided if people just took the tram or even carpooled. If your destination is near enough, you can even opt to walk or ride your bike to them.

Like we said, you don’t need to make big lifestyle changes right away to live sustainably. Simple things like choosing eco-friendly brands or taking public transport instead of your car is a good place to start.

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