Easy Scrunchie Up-cycling Project

If you’re after a little DIY with minimal fabric and minimal effort but leaving you feel that little bit productive because you’ve created something, this is the one for you. With just a few ingredients this DIY can be completed whilst sat in your garden/listening to your favourite podcast/watching Netflix.You’ll need:

  • Strip of fabric (I used the hem of a shirt)
  • Needle & Thread
  • Elastic
  • Safety Pin

1/ Cut a strip of fabric. My strip of fabric was 50cm by 12cm.

I used the hem of this shirt from Barnardo’s for my strip of fabric. I’m going to hem the shirt shorter once the strip has been cut-off so I will have a cropped shirt so I’m not wasting any fabric.

2/ Fold the fabric in half lengthways and stitch down the long side. You can use a running stitch (which is quicker) or a backstitch. I ended up using a backstitch to get one continuous stitch line.

3/ Push the tube of fabric through itself so the seam of the strip is concealed on the inside.

4/ Cut a piece of elastic. The elastic I used was 1cm wide and 15cm long (when unstretched). The length of the elastic depends on how many times over you want to tie your scrunchie in the end. Adjust the length to your preference.

Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic. Hold the other end of the elastic and feed the end with the safety pin on through the channel in the strip of fabric.

Safety pin the two ends of the elastic together.

5/ Remove the safety pin and stitch the two ends of the elastic together. Then fold under the raw edges of the fabric to conceal and slip stitch the edges of the fabric together.

And that’s it. A quick sewing project to accompany re-runs of your most watched Netflix show.

Big thanks to Hannah for sharing this fab up-cycling idea. Be sure to head over to our Instagram for a step by step video guide.

Want to share your top Barnardo’s finds with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!


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