Little Big Bells Top Tips for Shopping Pre-loved Homeware

Here are my top tips for preloved homewares shopping if you do go visit a Barnardo’s charity store.

1. Be strategic.

Shop little and often. Weekdays are a great time to browse when shops are generally quieter. Also, go at certain times throughout the year when shops are stock rich. Think Christmas, New Years and change of season!

2. Know your shop locations.

Research each area for their demographics, style and vibe. This will help map out shops to visit and give you an insight into the type of items that might be available in-store.

3. Go with a plan.

Charity shopping without a plan is a no-go! You may end up overbuying or overspending.

Before hitting the charity shops have a look around your home and identify what you need or want. This will help keep you focused.

4. Know your budget.

A lot easier said than done when shopping pre-loved but things do add up!

However, do take comfort in knowing your money is going to a good cause.

5. See the potential.

Think outside the box! The item you have picked up may have the potential to be an amazing piece of decor.

For example, you could frame the photos or illustrations from an old picture book to give them a new lease of life.

6. Resale value.

Do some research or if you know your pre-loved market well, whether it be on eBay or for auction, then the rewards can be amazing.

7. Be bold.

It’s super fun to mix different colours and patterns to create a unique look. Definitely don’t be afraid of mismatched items.

8. Go for a classic.

If you still aren’t sure, then you can stick to what you know best and go for a classic.

The Barnardo’s x Little Big Bell collection features a number of handpicked pre-loved homeware pieces all found in Barnardo’s stores. You can also bid on a number of beautiful pieces kindly donated by Little Big Bell along with some items that have been kindly gifted from a number of brands.

The Barnardo’s x Little Big Bell collection will be available to shop online from Saturday 1st August till 8th August.

Hope to see you there and don’t forget to share your pre-loved finds with us using the hashtag #MyBarnardosFind.

A massive thank you to Geraldine for sharing her tips, time and creativity and who has teamed up with us on a pro bono basis.

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