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Hello everyone! My name is Stevie and today I wanted to share a little bit about how I got into crocheting my own clothing and how charity shopping ties in with that! I’m a huge fan of shopping pre-loved and have been buying from charity shops for years but recently, I’ve got more and more into up-cycling, DIY projects and making my own clothing – crochet being my main craft of choice!

So, how can a trip to Barnardo’s help your crafting journey? Well, let me tell you now that charity shops are an absolutely fantastic way to try out a new craft without having to spend a huge amount of money. Secondhand craft supplies mean you can start a new hobby without it being super pricey and crochet is perfect for that, as all you really need to get started is a hook and some yarn! (Oh and maybe a YouTube tutorial slowed down to the slowest possible speed – that helped me)!

Wearing my Ginger Spice sweater that I recently designed. Most of the yarn I used was from a charity shop! 

For me, my love for crochet really kicked in when I realised that I could make a jumper and right now, there is a particular project making waves in the world of wool: The JW Anderson Harry Styles inspired cardigan. Crochet is having a real moment lately and I think a lot of it is down to this project. Ever since Harry Styles wore this cardigan, we have all been going wild for it. I’ve been thrilled to see so many new people falling in love with crochet and I would like to share a little more about my experience with making the cardigan (I’ve been working on it non stop for the last few weeks)! 

This cardigan is great to try out if you are a beginner, so let me give you a quick rundown of what you’ll need to create your own and what skills you should arm yourself with before diving in! So, how can you get started? My first tip would be to grab your supplies (I have listed the essentials below) and then, simply pick a project (hopefully this one)! that excites you. 


  • Double knit or chunky yarn in a selection of colours. 
  • A crochet hook. I used a 5.5mm crochet hook for the main square and then a 5mm for the border (I’ve crocheted borders on my squares so I can crochet them together easily and get a neater finish)!
  • Patience. This is a must as it took me over a year until I was confident with doing a simple stitch so give yourself time. As I said earlier, a YouTube video slowed down to the slowest possible speed is helpful when you begin. It can be fiddly and tricky. I was not naturally gifted with crochet – it took me over a year until I could do more than one stitch confidently so do keep this in mind! 


  • I’d advise you to learn to chain, double crochet and also to join. Some fabulous crochet tutorials can be found on YouTube – here are a couple of my favourite channels for crochet tutorials:



Here are some of the balls of yarn that were charity shop scraps! Some were bagged up in colour schemes which was a great such a source of inspiration! Perfect for this project! 

For a more detailed explanation of my crochet cardigan, I will be sharing the process on my Youtube channel in the future, which you can find here:

If you want to get going with a cardigan right away, then here are a couple of videos that may be helpful! 

JW Anderson | Official ‘Harry Styles’ Cardigan Knitting Tutorial

How to make Harry Styles’ viral JW Anderson cardigan at home | Crochet Cardigan

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my journey with crochet and I would love it if you picked up a hook after reading this and gave it a go! If you do, please let me know – you can find me on Instagram @Steviebythesea and I am always up for a chat about thrifting and crochet!

Feeling inspired this Recycle Week? Why not get involved and be sure to share your creations with us, we would love to see.

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