Homeware: Joys of Shopping Pre-loved

Quite frequently I hear the phrase “no thanks! That’s from a charity shop? I’d much rather buy brand new” when I tell or show folk my charity shop finds. And I totally get it, people like their stuff brand new. But, I’m on a mission to change that narrative. 

Shopping second hand has been something I’ve done since I was a teenager and despite folk turning their nose up to second hand clothing and accessories, it didn’t deter me from going – it actually encouraged me! I loved owning items I knew no one else would have. It became part of my personality, part of my character. 

When I moved out in July 2021, I dropped off a few bags to my local Barnardo’s shop. Whilst I was there, I happened to fall into their home section. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this gorgeous black vase they had. I remember I actually burst out laughing because I had literally picked up a vase practically identical the day before that cost £24. This vase for £2. £2!!!! Safe to say I returned the other vase the following day😅

From then on, every single week, I visit my local Barnardo’s store. I never, ever leave without buying something! From vases, to framed prints, to a gorgeous mirror, I’ve decorated my home for utter pennies. And I absolutely LOVE it. I love knowing that my cheetah framed print is unlike any other print I’ve ever bought, and that my mirror is grand yet old fashioned but suited to my taste. 

If you’ve a local Barnardo’s shop near you, if you can find a spare 30 mins, pop in and have a nosey and I can assure you, you will find something that you love! 💚

A huge thank you to My Gaf and Me for sharing her fab pre-loved finds and home with us. Home is truly where the heart is. Discover the joy of shopping pre-loved homeware at your local Barnardo’s, and design your own ‘One-Of-A-Kind’ style for every room.

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