Repair Week – Stylist Tips

Repairing doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve enlisted the help of stylist Ana for some easy repairing, reusing and re-wearing tips. For more information on Repair Week head over to London Recycles.

I am a fashion stylist working freelance in London – although currently working specifically
styling In the music industry. I promote reusing and re-wearing as much as I can and love to use local sustainable designers from London in my styling work. Avoiding micro trends and impractical trends is a good way to avoid wasting clothes and a good quality capsule wardrobe goes a long way. It can be interchanged with other elements, accessorizing, textures and colours.

Repair Tips

  • If you know how to sew simply, then great! If not, then pop to your local tailors or get a
    friend to teach you how to do it for you.
  • If you have holes in your sleeves then consider cutting to a shorter length, transform it into a
    muscle tank or a cropped t-shirt with a raw edge.
  • Similarly, the jeans into shorts trick is a great one – or even if you’re feeling confident and
    have a sewing machine then shorts into a skirt, or jeans or old cargos into a cargo skirt.
  • Your favourite knitted jumper has a few holes in it? Why not try darning the holes with
    coloured wool, it can create a quirky new pattern, weaving stitches in and under
    each other – use a curved object like an apple or orange to put the hole over and weave
    under and over.
  • Repairing top tip – Holes in your tights? Try cutting up the tights to make some trendy
    sleeves with fingerless gloves with the feet or a thumb hole!

Reusing and Re-wearing Tips

  • If you are struggling to find ways to wear your items of clothing, do a quick Instagram or
    Pinterest search of the item eg ‘Red cable knit’ ‘green wide leg trousers’ see how others
    have worn it and styled it. This might make you see the item in a different light and give
    you new inspiration.
  • When changing seasons i.e., now you will be thinking about putting your big winter coats and
    jumpers away (leave some out!) get a clothing rail and hang out all of your clothes for spring
    and summer, if you can separate them into tops, trousers, dresses, skirts, shirts and so on. From this you can see by eye what you have already.

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