My last minute invite to the Institute of Fundraising Awards by Zaena Miller

On the second week of working at Barnardo’s, I was excited to be given the opportunityiof3 to go to an awards ceremony

Admittedly it was a last minute, same-day offer as the designated people were unable to make it!

My excitement was slightly dampened by the fact that I had come to work in smart-casual attire (but closer to casual).

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Introductions first

Gemma BurgessHello there please let me introduce myself, my name is Gemma Kate Burgess and I’ve been the Branch Manager of Barnardo’s Vintage Cheadle for one year this month.

My background is in visual merchandising management, styling and set and prop design.

I’d like to share with you the passion I have for all things vintage and the daily work me and my fabulous volunteers do at my shop shop.


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