A savvy shoppers style guide; one jumper – multiple looks by Lucy Taylor

Hi I’m Lucy Taylor, also known as ‘The Bargain Bunny’. I have been a super-savvy shopper for a number of years now and recently started my own blog where I share my best bargains and tips.

Recently I went for a wander around my local charity shops. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. I absolutely love rummaging around all of the rails and shelves, especially when I come across something great that I want to buy!

I used to be a serial shopper and loved to buy clothes on a weekly basis. It wasn’t a cheap hobby but after volunteering in my local Barnardo’s store I gained a real appreciation for how good charity shops really are.

You can find some really fantastic items at a fraction of their normal retail price. Not only that but you’re also helping the environment by extending the life of what you buy and of course, you are supporting the charity every time you make a purchase!

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