Le geek, c’est chic

For many of us the idea of dressing like a geek will immediately transform you back to those awful school days you tried so hard to forget! Your Mum forced you to wear the ugliest shoes known to mankind, you just couldn’t control that frizz issue (thank goodness for GHDs!) and some of us were forced to wear the most unfashionable big thick glasses!

Geek Chic, Geek Glam, Nerd chic – whatever you want to call this growing fashion fad –has seen a revival this year.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s portrayal of Margot Tenenbaum in the 2001 remake of The Royal Tenenbaums provided inspiration for many of the collections shown during this year’s biggest fashion shows, including Gucci, Erdem, Lacoste and Jonathan Saunders.


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