Charity Shop and Fall Back in Love with Yourself!

Hello to all you beauties reading this blog! My name is Lou from @get.thrift.faced over on Instagram. I’ve been a keen thrifter for many years now and decided to create my Instagram this summer to join the fight against fast fashion. It may sound ridiculous and little far fetched but if I told you charity shopping has increased my body positivity by 1000% would you believe me? Well you should!

Lou 2From a young age I’ve felt super insecure about my body and appearance. It may be that you have felt the same about yourself at some point or know of somebody who has (If not, tell me your body positivity secrets!!). Charity shopping has provided me with a sense of freedom within my style allowing me wear whatever I think looks good or makes me feel comfortable.


There’s been too many occasions where I have been trawling through shops online, panic buying clothes that I think make me look fashionable and like the other girls I’ve seen on Instagram. 9 times out of 10 I’ve tried on the clothing when it arrived and I look nothing like the model in the image ,which has made me feel worse than when I began the hunt for the dreaded outfit in the first place.

I find charity shopping so refreshing! I don’t take into account sizing at all… if it looks nice, ill try it on! If it doesn’t fit but I love the item, I’ll up-cycle the clothing to make it work. Saying goodbye to conventional sizing is amazing! Not caring about the number on the label has made me feel so much better about myself. There was an occasion when I purchased a size 6 item and size 14 item in the same charity shop, on the same day and both fitted me perfectly. Doesn’t this say something about the accuracy of labelling anyway? So who cares what the label says!

Lou 3

Usually I am drawn to items that are more my kinda style (e.g. anything black, long skirts, chain necklaces) but due to the uniqueness of some of the items how can you say no. As a result of the reasonable pricing in charity shops I feel it’s easier to leave your comfort zone as your more willing to take the risk on an item. For example, charity shopping has helped me to introduce colour and prints into my wardrobe. Just remember to always try on before you buy to prevent over-consuming (something I’ve been working on lately).

Lou 4

So, let’s abolish the connotation that charity shops are full of smelly, old clothing (because that just isn’t true) and embrace the idea that they are full of hidden gems and treasures. After all, one man’s trash just might be your treasure! I love experimenting with my clothing and style and charity shopping is my secret to pulling this off! So… go get thrift faced!

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5 thoughts on “Charity Shop and Fall Back in Love with Yourself!

  1. Great blog by get.thrift.faced!! I follow her on instagram and love her style!

    I would love to be featured also! I only shop second hand now and have given up fast fashion and the high street. Being a mum I’m always on the hunt for bargains! I visit my local Barnardo’s frequently in Midsomer Norton Somerset! It’s one of my favourite charity shops down there! Please get back in touch via email!

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi The Thrift! I would absolutely love to guest blog for you – I just picked up an absolutely stunning sixties inspired dress for a mere pound from Barnados Nottingham and would love to share it with the world! I blog at Do get in touch if this sounds like it could work for you! Carrie xxxxxx

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