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Hello, I’m Holly from @eternalthrifter over on Instagram. Since I can remember I have always shopped in charity shops. As a child, my mum would take me around them and I absolutely loved it! Now it’s my turn to do the same with my daughter. She’s two and her wardrobe is 90% thrifted. I receive compliments all the time on how cute her little outfits are. She was actually the inspiration behind the hashtag which I started on Instagram #charityshopcutie.In this photo, my daughter is wearing all pre-loved clothing and the wellies are a hand me down. Super cute, right?

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Having a baby that is constantly growing and needing new clothes doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily find everything you need in your local Barnardo’s. I would urge all parents to pop in and have a look around before heading to a high street fashion retailer to grab a new set of clothing. When I know my daughter needs some new bits I will hit the charity shops. Her wardrobe is now full of unique, quirky and vintage one off items. Also, shopping this way helps me save money, give to charity all while helping to save the planet by preventing textiles ending up in landfill.

My own closet is also predominantly thrifted or from charity shops. I have dedicated my Instagram to showcase and style my sustainable outfits, proving that pre-loved doesn’t have to mean second best and that looking cute doesn’t have to cost the world! And to confirm that, check out these gorgeous boots I recently picked up from my local Barnardo’s in Midsomer norton Somerset for £6, I’m in love!

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  1. This is a fab blog post!! After deciding to become vegan after 40 years of meat eating I also decided to only wear old hence my hashtag #onlywearsold I’m so passionate about helping our planet and choosing to only buy second hand clothing has been such a fantastic experience xx

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